Build It Yourself CAD Software Designed Wood Splitter Plans

45 Ton Vertical Wood Splitter Plans

This Vertical 45 Ton Wood Splitter represents a industrial size machine that combines power and performance for commercial log splitting use.

These log splitter plans give you the ability to build a splitter that gives you all the power you will need.

Split a wide variety of dense hard woods in different sizes with relative ease.

This is a machine that will withstand the punishment of constant use.

When constructed from sufficient materials for making a tough, long lasting log splitter that will last for many years to come.

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With a basic I-beam construction, along with some square tubing and channel steel you can piece together the main beam assembly and purchase the items in the plans or add scrap yard axels, rims, and tires for your main structure to save money.

From there you assemble the hydraulic tank along with the rest of the main structure and beam assembly with axels to give you your main structure for the motor and hydraulics.

Most of your investment for this Vertical hydraulic log splitter will be in the power unit, hydraulic cylinder and pump. Aside from that the I-beam is the biggest hunk of steel you need.

From there you will be able to fabricate a lot of the rest from many variables from your scrap yard if desired to put together the splitting wedge, towing tongue, hydraulic tank, log butt plate, and peg leg with foot.

Build it yourself and save $.

Vertical 45 Ton Hydraulic Wood Log Splitter

While using variable materials you may already have around your shop and yard can help you save some cash, you should be sure that this does not compromise the strength and safety of the splitter.

45 Ton Wood Splitter Plans Contain


Page #

Plan Overview 1
Disclaimer and Notes 2
Table of Contents 3
Bill of Materials 4
Components 5
Assembly Plans Overview 6
Assembly Plans Elevation View 7
Assembly Plans Rotation View 8
Assembly Plans Vertical View 9
Fabrication Instructions for Sheets: 0-1, and 1 10
Fabrication Plans Sheet 0-1 11
Fabrication Plans Sheet 1 12
Fabrication Instructions for Sheets: 2, and 3 13
Fabrication Plans Sheet 2 14
Fabrication Plans Sheet 3 15
Fabrication Instructions Sheet: 4 16
Fabrication Plans Sheet 4 17
Hydraulic Circuit Diagram 18
Assembly Instructions Stage-1, Stage-2 19
Assembly Instructions Stage-3, Stage-4
Plan Rotation View
20, 21

45 Ton Vertical Wood Splitter Features

  1. Gasoline engine equivalent to Briggs and Stratton or Honda
  2. Hydraulic cylinder with Push Rod
  3. 2 stage Pump for quick cycle time (full extend to full retract - no load)
  4. 45 Tons of Ram Force
  5. 24"+ Maximum log length splitting capability
  6. Can be used in the vertical or horizontal positions
  7. Control valve auto reverse lock returns to start position once released
  8. Easy Tow Trailer System

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